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Right on Time. No delays in filing claims.

Right Medical Billing ensures increase in revenue by reducing claim processing intervals, daily billing, daily follow-ups on already-billed claims, and sending clean claims in a timely manner.

Telehealth Billing Services

As part of the ongoing telehealth services happening nationwide, Gurland works for clinicians to get them paid as soon as they render services. Telehealth in Medicare is where we address your financial independence for increased collections and the survival of your practice.

A distinguished billing service that does everything to improve provider experience, practice management, and staff burden speeds up the healing process consistently.

Gurland Corp. Helps Save Time And Money

We know by experience that healthcare professionals often worry about things that they should not. Therefore, we come to the provider’s aid and take care of the billing matters. Matters like patient statements and claim submissions. This way, you can entirely focus on delivering quality care.

1- Patient details are received

2- Insurance verification

3- Coding & Billing

4- Charge entry

5- Payment Posting

6- Clearing House rejections

7- Claim Transmission

8- Quality check

9- Denial management

10- AR Recovery

11- Patient Statement

12- Collection

Benefits Of Medical Billing Services

Here is how medical billing services by Gurland Corp. will assist you as a provider.



Cash flows act as the lifeblood of any organization, and healthcare providers are no different. Our professional revenue cycle management services offer experienced professionals who can expertly handle different types of medical claims on the first submission.



Providers get to experience faster claim submissions on their behalf. Not only that, but we provide technologically advanced solutions from the get-go. In brief, we ensure easy filing of all the details, maintaining a certain speed for reimbursements. 



Our team of expert medical coding consultants is the answer to all the pressing concerns around medical billing. In short, it is precise and to the point. You can expect timely submissions alongside the proactive handling of insurance companies and patients.


It is our workflow process that allows us to send necessary reports in advance. Providers know of the statuses regarding patients with expired insurance coverage to overcome any potential delays. Therefore, clinicians are in it to further their collections.



Our vigilant medical billing and coding teams report back if they find any insurance gaps within a patient’s health plan. For example, when a patient’s insurance does not cover a health condition or treatment, we are the first to inform them.



The team here at Gurland Corp timely reports if they find any problems related to submissions, including errors and omissions. It is our transparent approach that keeps our providers updated about the statuses of claims and reasons for delays.


Detailed analysis reports are submitted to physicians and specialists as per their custom requirements to help them make smart business decisions. We also break up each stage of the process as per the needs of clinicians belonging to different specialties.



Once you have decided to outsource medical billing to us, you are about to cut down on the costs drastically. It is the right mix of skill, experience, and resilience that allows us to accelerate your revenue cycle. Let us put a lid on expenses together and scale beyond boundaries.



COVID-19 has left us with so much to think. It disrupts the natural flow of life. However, it doesn’t stop us from serving our clients to the best of our abilities. On the premises, we implement all the safety protocols to keep coming back with collections after collections.

Get Ready To Expedite Your Collection Rate!

Strategic Medical Billing And Coding

We only hire the best medical coding and billing services to meet the requirements of all practices. We urge you to employ us and see the difference yourself. In fact, the competition with our competitors is not an easy one; however, neither we stop pushing for more, nor we give up easily.

It is a call to the US healthcare industry and practitioners who make it that we cover all specialties, including mental health billing/billing for therapists. As behavioral health billing consultants, we tend to routine claim submissions, accounts receivable management, follow-ups, denials, and appeals on your behalf.


What do small practices get out of outsourced billing services?

There are three things they can get: First, an increase in their collection rate; second, the denial rate is kept to a minimum; and, finally, the accounts receivable does not pile up.

Once you grip on these three stages of the billing process, it automatically results in faster claim submissions and higher reimbursements. Therefore, we recommend medical billing outsourcing to small practices. It puts your focus back on what you do best, i.e., look after your patients. A way to find a dependable medical claims billing service is to look at their years of experience, read both good and bad reviews, ask around, and it ends with you finding some real HIT skills in their operational teams.

According to a study published on Jama Network in Feb 2018, “The administrative costs associated with billing and insurance-related activities are estimated to be up to 25.2% for emergency department visits.”


Preferences Of Patients

In the years of digital transformation, an increased number of patients want to adopt digital means to pay their healthcare bills. A digital doorway could be an app or through a portal designed only for online payments.

Predictably, the trend of making payments online is going to increase in the upcoming years. According to one of the studies, an 80 percent chunk of patients were interested in paying their healthcare bills digitally.

On the whole, in our opinion, this trend is here to stay. Not much of paper-based operations are to survive now or in the years to come. The sooner we get to understand the power of digital media, the quicker we can adopt it.

According to another finding, in 2016, 68 percent of patients with up to $500 in medical bills didn’t pay their full balance; it is a 19-percentage point increase from 2014. The growing number of patients not paying their balances could hurt practitioners. In fact, it is another reason to choose us to go after those delayed payments to make sure you are fully reimbursed.



Where can I find medical billing services near me?

You can use Google to find the nearest medical billing services. Medical billing companies near you would appear, those within your state and county once you hit search. A long list of Google listings will surface up. However, if that doesn’t work out, we are here to assist you through the revenue cycle management process to the best of our ability.

We are happy to recover collections that you deserve with minimum denials and vigilant tracking of claims. Rigorous follow-ups are one of our strengths.

Why are medical billing services in the USA mostly outsourced?

Medical billing services in the US return peaceful solutions for most practices. It is where outsourcing a third-party takes the burden of creating, filing, and managing claims away from them. The in-house solution is expensive and usually drains the available staff of hours. Hence, the outsourced solution seems highly likely to work in favor of providers.

Why do medical billing service companies often lack reporting?

I wouldn’t say they lack reporting because it means they fail to comply with their self-assessment system. There may be delays, but we, as a medical billing company, don’t delay our reports. One of our strengths is to be available to physicians even at odd hours. Your account manager is dedicated to your billing cause. Hence, it is their job to expedite your RCM process via insurance follow-ups, AR management, and payment postings.

How much do medical billing services cost?

As far as 2020 is concerned, the ongoing costs of medical billing services are divided into two types – one is claim-based, and the other is collection-based. Generally, it is 7% of the total reimbursed amount per month. We often charges similarly; however, the price varies from specialty to specialty.

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Get Served!

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