Customer Service & Technical Support Outsourcing

We’re committed to helping your business grow, which is why you’ll never have to convince us to take on more responsibility. Simply tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.

High-Quality Customer Service at an Affordable Price

When you’re struggling to keep up with a growing number of customer service or technical support tickets, we’ll help you build a new team or supplement your existing one with the right kind of talent. With Gurland Corp. Support as your partner, you’ll get a dedicated team of customer service experts who’ll help you design the right systems, hire the right people, and constantly optimize your support processes to ensure your customers get the high-quality service they deserve.


Call center

We own 3 call centers across the world.


Chat Support

We provide complete automated chat solutions.


Email Support

We provide CRM system services

Focus on Lead Generation

A Look at Our Outbound Call Center Services

Call center

Chat Support

Email Support

We offer various services like – inbound call center services, outbound call center services, telemarketing services, and technical support services. Our call center gives you the best quality of BPO services including reduced handling time as well as a quick resolution to customer queries.

Technical as well as nontechnical chat services are part of our BPO services. We offer multi-channel support that every customer demands today. With our chat support services, your customers get real-time assistance while they are browsing your website. This reduces support time drastically.

Email is the main channel of customer communication. Your business needs a strong email support service to ensure your customers get a fast response from you and are satisfied with the resolution provided. We provide your customers with professional and timely business process services to address their every query or challenge.

Solutions That Matter

Why Gurland?


Proven Performance

Gurland Corp. has more than 20 years' experience providing complete BPO services to various businesses and organizations, across different industry verticals.


Leading Experts

We have experienced outsourcing professionals with the requisite skills and expertise. They have considerable experience in providing high quality scalable services


24/7 Support

To deliver an enhanced customer experience, we have our agents deployed 24*7 to resolve any queries raised by our customers. Making these agents readily available to assist our customers at any point in time helps in making Gurland Corp. a customer-centric contact center.

Check your Business Growth Potential

Scale Your Customer Service Team Quickly

When your business is growing fast, you can’t afford to spend eight weeks finding and training each and every new hire. We can have your foundational team up and running in a few weeks. New team members can typically be onboarded quickly. With Gurland Corp. Support as your partner, customer service will never be the bottleneck that’s slowing down your business growth.


Get a Team of Dedicated Customer Service Experts

We hire the best in the business. Our team members have an average of eight years of experience working with large outsourcers and multinational corporations like Verizon, eBay, and Accenture. Our service quality is high and turnover is low because we hire ambitious professionals and commit to supporting their long-term career development with continuous training and coaching.


Pick the Platforms, Channels, and Services You Need

We’re happy to use the ticketing system and customer service channels you’ve chosen—or we can help you compare alternatives and come up with recommendations. If you ever need help with back office tasks like data entry, research, design, or marketing, we can also take care of those for you.


Grow your business with Gurland

introduce our process

Grow Your Business with Our Quality Customer Support


A Custom Staffing Plan

Depending on your needs, we can build a team that is domestic or international. We’ll assess your volume and your quality requirements to design a schedule optimized for your company’s needs.


A Simple Pricing Model

We offer a simple pricing model. We typically charge either a flat monthly fee or an hourly fee, depending on what works for the client. We have low minimums and charge no set-up fee unless you need us to build your technology systems from scratch.  


Global Leadership Team

Our leadership team is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and in the Philippines. We are always available if you have questions. You’ll also have a dedicated team with an account manager who is responsible for making sure the team consistently exceeds your expectations.


Systems Optimization

With our proprietary models, we can make sure you have the optimal staffing level and schedule to meet your targets for speed, quality, and quantity. We can help you design the right processes and identify the right tech tools for your needs.


Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is one of our core values, and we apply it to every client engagement. We are constantly looking for new ways to help your team deliver high quality work with maximum efficiency.

Tips to Generate Leads

Discover new ways of generating leads.

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